Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NTU Flagship Pregramme: Day 2

Today, we listened to a talk more in-depth about our Project. It is definitely not what I expected, and is very advanced. However, we are still managing, and although it is very complex, we can still understand most of it.

I learned more about images and pixels, how it is connected to the size of the image, and how digital cameras work.

Today's activities were slightly boring, but once we started on our hands-on activities it was much clearer and easier to understand, to me anyway. The talk and the activities changed my view on pictures and images. I did not know that a picture could be so tough to understand and change.

I think that this could help in future image editing, in understanding and then acting on it, probably as a professional photographer, or anyone specializing in images

Today's talk probably only scratched the surface of this entire subject, and I cannot say I entirely grasp all of it immediately. However, it is a useful project to ponder over, so I hope I will be able to explore more next time.

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